Dresden Vocal Tract Dataset

The Dresden Vocal Tract Dataset (DVTD) contains geometric and (aero)acoustic data of the vocal tract of 22 German speech sounds (16 vowels, 5 fricatives, 1 lateral), each from one male and one female speaker. The data include the 3D Magnetic Resonance Imaging data of the vocal tracts, the corresponding 3D-printable and finite-element models, and their simulated and measured acoustic and aerodynamic properties. The dataset was evaluated in terms of the plausibility and the similarity of the resonance frequencies determined by the acoustic simulations and measurements, and in terms of the human identification rate of the vowels and fricatives synthesized by the artificially excited 3D-printed vocal tract models.

The dataset can be downloaded here and has been published here:

Birkholz P, Kürbis S, Stone S, Häsner P, Blandin R, Fleischer M (2020). Printable 3D vocal tract shapes from MRI data and their acoustic and aerodynamic properties. Scientific Data, 7, 255, doi: 10.1038/s41597-020-00597-w

The following figure from the publication gives an overview of the content of the dataset:

DVTD overview

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